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Immunization Information

Families of kindergartners, seventh-graders, seniors, and students new to attending school in North Carolina. By state law, these students must have certain immunizations, such as Tdap and MMR, unless they have an exemption. Wilson Academy of Virtual Education (WAVE) students must also provide proof of receiving the mandatory immunizations. The required immunizations do not include the COVID-19 vaccine.

Our early college students' first day of school was August 1st, and our traditional schools started on August 28th. If the school does not have your student's updated immunization record within 30 calendar days of the first day of school, state law prohibits the student from being allowed to attend school after the 30th day. Once your student receives the immunizations and the school is provided with proof, the student will be able to return to school. Kindergarten students also need a Health Assessment Form completed by a doctor. Health assessments dated one year before the first day of school will be accepted. The immunization record and health assessment can be turned in at the school by a parent, guardian or the student.  

Please call your student’s doctor to schedule an appointment if your student does not have updated immunizations. Families can also schedule an appointment at our Wilson County Schools WASH Centers located at Forest Hills Middle, Fike High, Beddingfield High, and Hunt High by calling 252-360-0769. Families can also schedule an appointment with the Wilson County Health Department at 252-237-3141, the Wilson Community Health Center at 252-243-9800, or Harvest Family Health Center at 252-443-7744.